Purchase Info

  • Purchase Date: 4/9/2019
  • Share: 2300
  • Price Paid: $6.23 Current Price: [stock_quote symbol="USA" decimals=2 number_format=sd template="%symbol% $%price% "]
  • Current Dividend Yield / Amount: 9.62%

Fund Info as of 4/8/2019

Fund TypeClosed-End
Fund StyleLarge-Cap Core
Expense Ratio1.00%
Shares Outstanding202,620,825
Inception DateOctober 31, 1986
Distribution FrequencyQuarterly
YTD Distributions $0.68
Net Assets ($billions) $1.2
Prior NAV$6.69
NAV Change0.15%
YTD NAV Total Return16.73%
Market Price$6.24
Market Price Change$0.01

10 year Analysis

Constructive or Destructive Return Of Capital

ROC is 12.81% – this is below Nav of 16.73% which I view as a 100% Constructive Return on Capital.

Also NAV total return performance is 16.73% which is greater than the NAV Yield of 9.62% which tells me that ROC is being paid out from NAV TR.