I originally had a Stocktwits account back in 2008 when it was new and still a fairly civil place where people shared ideas. That account apparently got deleted because I could no longer log in to it. I’ve been told either someone reported me for abuse or the site’s bots did it. No warning at all just a deleted account. That’s not a way to run a business in my opinion. I’m pretty positive I did not abuse anyone, but apparently, you can post an idea that someone does not like and they will flag it for abuse and a bot will delete your account. I have another account that I opened in 2015 and have not posted much to it.

I have noticed that most of the old’ timers accounts have now been deleted and the site is now overrun with people selling stuff, bots, and hostile personalities. There are a few people like me left, but not many. That’s sad because most of the old times had good ideas to share and were civil. What once was a novel idea has become utter crap now.

I recently posted a few of my ideas and got called a “mo-ron” that was intentionally misspelled by someone in order to get by the bots that would have most likely deleted his account. That person then blocked me even though I never responded to the comment. Not that I’m upset, on the contrary, it just shows the level of mentality that is on that site and that the site is not geared towards education. This site is nothing more than a troll and bot farm.

I find most of the folks there are bored kids, folks boasting making thousands of dollars day trading (paper trading), millennials blindly following others and trying to day trade while losing money, pumpers, gamblers, people with apparent mental health issues and folks that have no idea how to trade and just looking for a quick buck.

I still post my ideas, but now am second-guessing this since there is no constructive discourse. If my post goes opposite the market, I get called a “mo-ron”. Meh.

I mostly used the site (in the past) for ideas, to track delayed stock prices, and I used the earnings calendar page. Now, those are not working correctly. Prices do not update most of the time and the calendar keeps telling me to reload page constantly. The site makes for entertainment but now has become a waste of my time and no longer worth the effort.

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