Swing Stocks for Option Spreads 

I love the website Finviz. It is an invaluable trading tool to help me screen for stocks. Click on the heading below and it will take you to my daily screens.

I look for stocks that are actively traded. Meaning they must trade over 1 million shares a day. I also like stocks priced over $100. Trading options on stocks worth less than $100 do not give much price movement.

The company also must be a mega-corporation with a market cap of over 200 billion. This typically gives for a nice steady swing in price from high to low and vice versa Unless some major news upsets the price.

I try to stay away from low float stocks when I trade options. These move extremely quick in either direction and can burn you.

Hover over each stock listed and it will give you an overview of the chart. This is great to eyeball for price movement and potential chart patterns.

My Finviz settings for Swing Stocks are Signal Most Active, Current Volume over 1 million, optionable, mega market cap, and price over $100.