If you find yourself reading this, please understand this is just a place where I sometimes vent. I am the type of personality that gets it out of my system and moves on … well… unless you are on my eternal shit list.

Also understand, my humor can be dark and typically askew. If you are a serious person then you may not get me and find my comments offensive. Sorry, I really couldn’t give a fuck. You are the one choosing to read this.

There, if you could stomach that, read on.

From time to time I join various trading groups. I totally believe in paying it forward with knowledge when I have the time. I freely share my trades and studies in order to help out those who are just starting their trading journey.

There are a few groups on FB that I am a member of and share how I trade and share the studies that I do which are listed on this site. One group I was in had a new moderator that gets a little overzealous with his delete comment button. There are over 6000 people in the group, mostly newbs and it can be a little taxing I’m sure for a moderator. I and some others post our winnings, studies, and techniques in the group. The mods were put in place to keep the spammers out who are trying to sell products, not to quell ideas and thoughts.

This particular group likes to put on 0-day SPX trades. The SPX dropped 40 points in a few minutes one day. Supposedly, by group consensus, it was when President Trump opened his mouth. I really don’t buy into stuff like that as I tend to lean more towards looking at the charts and the numbers to see where options were centered. If you followed my posts in that group you would’ve known that. I believe this is what typically moves the indexes not what some talking head says.

So, the group started getting a bit politically heated. Not mean, but just joking around. One of the newer moderators got bent out of shape and made a post about how the group was for trading purposes only. Being the smartass I am and knowing that folks were just kidding around, I made the statement “At least the group is not called Traders for Trump.” I was actually meaning to be supportive of what this moderator was saying.

He apparently did find the statement humorous, got his tightie-whities in a wad, and deleted my post. He failed to delete all the politically heated statements. I found this even more humorous because he must have thought I was disrespecting him. This reminded me of Cartman on the cartoon “Southpark”, “respect my a-thor-i-tie”. This is a Big fish in a small pond mentality. Yeah, I understand that not everyone gets my humor.

So, my feeble conspiracy ridden mind started really getting curious. Who is this guy? It turns out he is a salesman for a stock trading financial firm. Anyone can get these jobs if they have a pulse. Think car salesman. Is this guy a financial guru? Of course not, he is a salesman.

I then began to wonder why he was even hanging out in an options trading room on Facebook? This was strongly triggering my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and the part of my brain that likes a good conspiracy theory… which brings us here… another one of my rants.

Is this guy getting his trading tips from a Facebook group? If so, I would never trust someone with my money that get’s their expertise from Facebook. He also never posted anything worthwhile and was mostly a lurker. It takes a lot of time to moderate a group of 6000 people. Is he using this time to build a database of clients? If that is the case, then I want no part of that group. I chew financial salespeople up and spit them out.

I could go on a long tirade about financial salespeople and how most suck at trading, but I think I did it in another post. That’s it, I’ve rationalized myself right out of this group using unproven conspiracies theories. Nah, I’m really not that insane. He just pissed me off. It is not the first group to do so and will not be the last. My natural red hair was for a gawd given reason, I fit the stereotype.


I don’t need Facebook drama and I definitely don’t need to waste my time sharing my thoughts and techniques in a group that has some power-hungry moderator in it. I was not getting paid for my info. So, fuck em’ if they can’t take a joke.

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