Trading groups on Facebook definitely bring out the Trolls. I and others get frustrated when we share what we do in trading groups and then some Trolls use microaggressions to boost their, small penis, male egos in order to feel superior. I apologize to the female trolls for my sexist statement, but to be honest I have not met any female trolls in the trading groups.

Will I let Trolls know I am frustrated, absolutely not. Will I argue with them, absolutely not. I will not mention the names of the trolls because there are tons of them and it would only boost them thinking their penis is bigger than it really is.

The two trolls I discuss below recently stand out in my mind. It is really disheartening for those of us who share our work in these groups and trolls make negative statements that were not asked of them. Yes, trolls you did your job and won in running some people off, but your penis is still the same size. So, did you really win? I don’t let them win, but just keep them at bay.

Trolls are best contained when they are not fed attention. Do not respond to them unless you like aggravation. Believe me, you will not win. Even though their penis will not grow bigger if you respond to them, their ego’s will. Facebook has this great feature called blocking. Go to the troll’s personal page and hit the block button. Poof they are magically gone and what is best they cannot find you nor respond to any other posts you make.

Troll #1

The first troll that comes to mind is in one of the Wheel Strategy Groups on Facebook. I responded to another trader’s question and the troll interjects his trollness by telling me there is no skill in how I am trading because the market went sky high this year. He apparently has no idea of the strategy and I am not even sure why he is in the group. Even in up markets, some instruments go down depending on the sectors and the instrument you are trading. Instead of actually looking at my link and what I was trading, the troll just dismisses my strategy. He was not there to contribute to the strategy or conversation, he was there acting like a troll who knows it all.

This dude claims to be retired floor derivatives trading manager at a “boutique” firm and now he is a salesman at a Porsche dealership. Being a floor trader does not make you a good trader in today’s market. He never offers any track record of his trades, but he has plenty of criticisms to dish out. He tells people they are wrong as goes on to bash people saying they do not know math. He never gives examples as to why they are wrong.

Okay, when you have to tell someone that you are successful at being a derivatives trader to prove your point, you totally discredit yourself. He has no clue who I am nor my background. This is like a person with a Ph.D. telling other people with Ph.Ds that they know everything about their field because they have their Ph.D. I have tons of friends with Ph.D. Do they know everything, absolutely not and they laugh at others who use their degree to preface that they are correct in their statements.

Let me break this troll down even further. A floor derivatives trader back in the day has absolutely nothing in common with today’s market. Also being a manager does not mean you know how to trade. I have managers that tell me they could not do my job because things have changed so much, yet they are still managers.

Also, some of these boutique trading firms, back in the day, were corrupt as hell and basically selling bullshit to the rich in order to make their quotas and big paychecks. Watch the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”. I’m not saying he was corrupt, but just stating that most of these firms sold bullshit. I will say he is an apparently good salesman and still selling bullshit to the rich at the Porshe dealership.

Troll #2

Another troll I ran across, in the same group, is constantly putting the system down and provides videos from youtube trying to disprove the system. Why the fuck is he even in there is my first question. Using youtube videos is also ridiculous to prove anything. It seems like every millennial with a camera and a youtube account is now a fucking genius options trading guru. Give me a fucking break.

Not, at first, realizing he was another troll, I mentioned that the system works for me and then provided him the spreadsheet of my account that can be found on this site. He then bashes me because I made 18% ROI last year in my IRA account. He goes on to tell me that I should have made more because SPY was up 14% for the year and if I would have timed spy at the bottom then I would have been up 45%. Maybe so, but I am happy with what I made with the risk I am willing to take. Hey, and I still beat SPY.

Anyone can look at the market and say woulda, shoulda, coulda looking back at the market price, but until you have real money and skin in the game you take what is given to you at the risk you feel comfortable with. But, trolls don’t care about such things as they are too busy fooling themselves that they can make their penis larger by attempting to discredit people.

This dude claims to be a successful options trader for 45 years in the options market. Bullshit flag rising high on that one. Options started trading in 1973 and back then it was expensive and you called in your trades. He may have traded 45 years, but if you were successful at it you would be retired and in groups to help others instead of trolling them and trying to discredit what works for people. Again, why the fuck is he even in the group. Oh yeah, he’s a troll. I do not even respond to folks like this because it just feeds the trolling behavior. They are not worth it. I simply block them since they add nothing constructive to the conversation. If you are going to try to discredit me, have facts, stats, and show me your track record.

What is interesting to me that these trolls are my age. It is also interesting that I do not really see any female trolls in these groups. I’m sure they are there, but I just have not ran across one yet.

How unhappy these trolls must be to spend their time on Facebook all day long trolling and trying to make their penis bigger by thinking they can do so by discrediting others.

This is Facebook and it is free, so the trolls will continue to try feed their ego’s. Again, I just simply block them. Troll banished back under the bridge.

This does not happen in the private groups I am in. Mainly because trolls will get booted out and trolls really do not want to learn nor contribute. It is not in their nature.