The Reverend Joseph Cox

Howdy pardners. My name is Joseph Cox.

I started out, in my work life, to become either an accountant or a minister.

I know, two different ends of the spectrum, but I was the poster child for undiagnosed ADHD.

The career test I took in high school told me I should be an astronaut, but now I see that test was wrong. Everyone I know who was supposed to be an astronaut, according to that test, is in prison. I grew up hard but was smart enough to stay out of prison. Some of my friends were not so inclined.

My Junior College career counselor told me I should become a lawyer because I was inquisitive and loved to argue. I passed on this, since most lawyers I knew, at the time, hated their jobs and asked me if I was ready to sell my soul.

All the accountants I knew, while I was studying for an accounting degree, were stressed and many were alcoholics. College life had other plans for me. The discovery of sex, drugs, and rock and roll did not mix well with accounting. I then switched to Business. Too many pricks were in that field. Next.

Playing in a few bands later…I found a bunch of old hippies, in the Sociology and Psychology departments who took a shine to me and took me under their wing. These were my people and they threw great parties. I liked hanging out with Marxists and the Goth kids. This was before Goth was cool.

So, a Major in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology were to be. Oh yeah, I was also coached by my pastor, during that time, to become a minister. I was not at the point in my life to help save souls since I was still soul searching. I did become an ordained minister later on. That’s my ministerial suit in the photo above.

After college, I immediately went through bankruptcy. Oh, how crafty were those credit companies were to come on campus and give students, with no jobs, credit cards that did not have to be paid back until we graduated. Talk about predatory lending. They really thought we were going to be responsible and be able to pay all that debt back after graduating? By the time I got out of college, my paychecks would not cover basic living expenses and credit card bills. After I got that mess taken care of I could get on with life.

Anyway, I have digressed a bit.

I ended up taking the middle ground between becoming an accountant or a minister. I became a public servant.

I ended up wearing a few professional hats in my work life which included being a Children’s Counselor, a Family Counselor, a Social Worker, and a Probation Officer. All these jobs included low pay, lousy hours, the danger of bodily harm, and no respect. In every one of these jobs, you had to have proficiency in basic math, be able to do paperwork, and have empathy. So, those jobs satisfied the void of not becoming an accountant nor a preacher.

I’ve always found Capitalism and the markets fascinating. At my various jobs, it seemed like there was always someone trying to sell me investment vehicles to park my money in. They would talk about compounding interest but would fail to mention that markets can move against you nor did they even know what the fees were in the investment vehicles. They were simply schmuck salespeople working on commission.

I never liked the idea of handing my money over to a stranger and paying them to manage it. I’ve always managed my own money.

I started trading online around 20+ years ago with OptionsXpress. I then moved on to IB Trader Work Station, Sogotrade (was Genisis Securities), Optionshouse, and recently settled with Think or Swim. I also have accounts with Etrade for my IRA. I have unfunded accounts at this time with Tastyworks, Dough, Webull, and Robinhood just to play with the platforms. It is nice to have so many choices available.

I trade to supplement my income. Living on a public servant’s wage is brutal, but on my deathbed, the Dalai Lama said I will have everlasting life. So, me and Carl Spackler got that going for us in the afterlife.

I have a private life, but it is mostly private. You have to become one of my very few, close friends, to really get to know me.