The puts ended up getting exercised on 8/13 after the market closed on earnings day. It was scary to wake up the next morning and see a 128,000 debit in my account. It is apparently common. No problem, I just sold the stock and ended up with a PROFIT of $1333.00

I probably will not do these trades. I don’t really understand them and feel it was just dumb luck that I came out ahead.

DateOption PriceStock Price
Trades to open positionNo.PriceTotal
buy 16th Aug $145.00 Put4×100$6.54$ – 1020.00
sell 16th Aug $160.00 Put8×100$8.24$ 6592.00
buy 16th Aug $175.00 Put4×100$19.29$ 7716.00
Total$- 2142.00
Categories: Wins