-$330 Loss 26.83%

I sold my open options a few days ago for a profit and got back long into this stock on the dip. I meant to buy 20 contracts, but only 10 went through near the closing bell.

update 5/7 – glad I did not buy 10 more contracts. Took a loss on this. Gave back what I gained the other day. Trump threatened sanctions again against China and this stock dumped. It broke out of the Bull Pennant and will stick to my rules and get out with a loss.

Bull Spread

DateOption PriceStock Price
Entry5/6/2019$ 1.23187.95
Trades to open positionNo.PriceTotal
buy 17th May $187.50 Call10×100$6.67$-6670.00
sell 17th May $190.00 Call10×100$5.44$5440.00
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