SPX Delta 5 Study

STUDY CLOSED – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner This is a study trading SPX Put or Call Vertical Spread with the short leg at delta 5 and the long leg 50 points further out as outlined in this strategy.

The 0 DTE Spy or SPX Trade

These notes are what I took regarding a video presentation from a very helpful trader, Tammy Chambless, in the TastyTrade Options group found on Facebook. This is not a new strategy, but her presentation was well put together. All screenshots are from her presentation. All credit is given to her Read more…

April 2020

I forgot to screenshot the stats for the month. I took a drawdown of around $3000 in my account. I was testing new scalping the /ES strategies that were not working out for me. The cost of learning.

Big Lizard

Neutral to Bullish Outlook & High Volatility The big lizard is like the Jade Lizard except it basically uses a straddle for larger credit received. Directional Assumption:  Neutral / Bullish Setup: – Sell 1 short ATM Straddle– Buy OTM Call Use on Stocks $75 or higher so I can collect Read more…